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Digitalisation and sustainability

The future of your buildings and neighbourhoods is smart and energy sustainable. Digital technologies combined with sustainable energy services have the potential to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of your properties and neighbourhoods. Our experts support you from strategic planning through the provision of various IoT services to servicing.

"Zero Carbon Emission" in four essential steps

CO2 Footprint
Determining the CO2 footprint of properties and neighbourhoods
Reducing the CO2 footprint through IoT services
Delivery of renewable energies
Compensation of residual CO2 emissions

Analyse the CO2 footprint of your properties and neighbourhoods now

Increase your efficiency by 70% through digital processes.
Increase the value of your property with an energetically optimal and digital building control system.
Ecological together: Reduce energy consumption by up to 20 % through conscious consumer behaviour on the part of your tenants.
Modern living: Digital worlds of experience ensure satisfied tenants and increase the length of tenancy.
ESG criteria? No longer an issue for you. Together we are setting important pillars for the future.
Big impact, small investment: offer your tenants a better service and simplify internal processes at the same time.

Different areas, one goal:

Climate neutrality through digitalisation

Sustainable living

Our climate awareness is greater than ever before. But how can you improve your own carbon footprint? With our app, you not only offer your tenants additional services and guidance. Together, you reduce energy consumption in your buildings and lower CO2 emissions. This increases your "green image" and saves costs for you and your tenants.

Renewable energies and tenant electricity

Every neighbourhood needs an individual energy and heating concept. With us, you always take advantage of the best possible funding opportunities. Power-generating plants, tenant electricity, visualisation and billing of electricity consumption: with us, you get everything from a single source.


80 % of charging takes place at home. By 2030, 6 million electric cars will be on Germany's roads. Every 7th household will then be driving electrically. With us, the integration of charging infrastructure is not a necessary evil for you, but a new business model.

Common spaces and New Work

Social exchange in the neighbourhood is more important today than ever. The same applies to flexible and healthy working conditions. Studies show that balanced and satisfied employees are up to 12 percent more productive and creative. With intelligent access and booking systems and clear monitoring of room climate and occupancy data, we make this step possible for you. Whether an entire office complex, a coworking area in a residential building or just the common room: we have the solution for you.

Building management and energy building control

Intelligent building controls reduce the thermal energy consumption of a property by up to 20 % in particular. This saves you considerable amounts of CO2 and the associated costs.

Climate dashboard

Show what you are doing good for the environment. Your tenants, employees, customers and municipal stakeholders are informed immediately. Our climate dashboard gives you an overview of all the important data relating to your building's CO2 footprint, based on climate, energy and heat consumption data.

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Progress through cooperation

Progress through cooperation

We show what we can do and are proud of our projects in the most diverse areas of the real estate industry.
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Progress through cooperation

The best of three worlds

We have set ourselves the goal of actively shaping the digitalisation of real estate, neighbourhoods and cities as part of the energy transition.

As a joint venture between enercity AG, ROCKETHOME GmbH and IBG Wolfsburg mbH (a subsidiary of Wolfsburg AG), we combine comprehensive expertise from the field of renewable energies, tech know-how from 10 years of IoT service development and urban mobility. This creates unique solutions for our partners from the real estate industry that create more sustainability and climate awareness.

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Kathrin Rust

Expert for new, digital business fields in the energy industry and leads companies in the field of sustainable innovations.

Carina Diviccaro

With over 10 years of experience in business development & digital innovation at ROCKETHOME, she is now driving RCS forward.

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